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Alberto Gerosa works with film and performance. Best known for his 'Uninvited Trilogy' (2022 Art Basel, 59th Venice Biennale and Documenta Fifteen), and his film 'Dea' (2021), his work was commissioned and acquired by the Sigg Collection, HK Art Development Council, National Museum of Ethnology Japan, City Contemporary Dance Company HK, Cineteca di Bologna, Yamagata Documentary Film Festival, Ethno Cinema Days VGIK Moscow, Slamdance among others. A visiting scholar at Image Anthropology Lab, Tokyo University, he is adjunct professor of ethnographic film and performance at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. 
 Alberto Gerosa 從事電影和表演方面的工作。以《不請自來的三部曲》(2022 年巴塞爾藝術展、第 59 屆威尼斯雙年展和第十五屆文獻展)和電影《Dea》(2021 年)而聞名,他的作品受香港藝術發展局、國家民族學博物館的希克收藏委託和收購日本、香港城市當代舞蹈團、Cineteca di Bologna、山形紀錄片電影節、莫斯科民族電影節、Slamdance 等。東京大學影像人類學實驗室訪問學者,香港中文大學民族志電影與表演系客座教授。
This archival project is curated by veteran directors Fruit Chan and Wing Shya, involving the production of videos by the artistic reworking of family audiovisual materials made available by local audience and institutional archives. The audience will experience the transformation of their family photos and videos into a time-travelling narrative to be shared online.
T​he six films offer a sensorial experience into an imagined parallel Hong Kong. Multiple and non-hierarchical, this assemblage of sensations, dreams, and myths opens the local subjectivity to virtual potentialities. The montage expands to achieve a rhizomatic flow.

Through a progression of sounds and images from local Hong Kong people and institutions, the editing team allowed sacred and profane elements to intertwine, remixing some among the infinite microhistories we see daily.

The radical footage texture is ethnographic and sci-fi, reality and fiction, giving birth to an archaic legend from the forgotten future of Hong Kong’s deep water pier.
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